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Two Image Join is an easy step yet it has a large visual impact on product showing on an e-commerce site. Resizing images to the required composition affects the attractive looks of products. Our resized photographs mean the conversion in the pixel dimensions, the resolution and the geometrical size of the pictures. Bulk product photos can be greatly improved by our image optimization. And, as a product/commercial photographer, there are lots of reasons to get the best resizing process to improve overall composition, remove unwanted objects, and focus on the main products and to fit in specific websites (Amazon, eBay).

This is a Photo Manipulation Service is one type of ghost mannequins service which is generally done on garments item. We are specialist in Photo Manipulation Service. Normally one image has two or three views of the ghost or mannequin shot such as front view, back view, inner view (half view).

The neck part is created by using the inner view of an image and output the final image. We can add up Neck a part of on any pictures by maintaining the consistency of the design, shapes, sizes, and colors with wear & tear. The purchase could not recognize it while manipulated or abnormally developed. Photo edit company’s expert using best Photoshop tools to create ghost mannequin effect, we require client’s initial product photographs taken from different angles.

This is the brick-and-mortar of our neck joint effect. The prep-work of getting a perfect invisible mannequin, you are required to provide us the photographs of your mannequin in a static position of a tailored fit. That’s all we require from you to make accurate clothing mart. No worries if you don’t have perfect images, we can also edit that images perfectly this is a credit of Photo Edit Company.

This uncompleted image taking desired quality pictures of products can be difficult. Whatever, we do the hard work for you to add shadows to the product, Select and pose a model, manage apparel products. As we follow the strict step-by-step guide, your product photos get the Master 3D effect.

Besides, you can check our other professional services like Clipping PathPhoto Retouching, Photo Masking, Neck Join, Shadow Create, Color Correction, Photo Resize, Photo Restoration, Vector Tracing, Web Design, GIF Making etc are large and highly demandable services in Graphic design sector.


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