Colur correction

Color Correction service

This is a color correction service for It is not so easy for new designer. We are expert to do this, our long Perrot designer only can do this by Photoshop .It is also easy for us because, our have senior designer.

By color correction we can remove the color cast in all colors.

Below some tools

Auto Black Level

Raises the black levels in a clip so dark ire level is 7.2. a portion of the shadow is clipping and the medium pixel values are redistributed proportionately. As a result, using auto black level lightens the shadows in an image

Auto Contrast

Use both the Auto Black level  and auto  White Level perfectly. It is make the highlights appear darker and shadows appear lighter.

Auto White Level

Lower the white levels in a clip so the lightest   levels do not exceed 90 IRE. A portion of the highlights is clipped and the intermediate pixel values are redistributed proportionately. As a result, applying Auto White Level darkens the highlights in on the image.

For note, if a photo has an undesirable bluish cast, when you sample an area that should be white, the White Balance control adds yellow to neutralize the bluish cast.

This yellow adjustment is added to all the colors in the scene, which should remove the color cast in the entire parts.

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We are ready to do these work 24 hours for service.

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