Photo restoration:

We area unit therefore excited to announce that you simply will currently transfer your photo restoration orders directly through the computing machine like all alternative order with few hours.

Easily choose the “Restoration” service level once you have got uploaded your photos and you'll be able to send your broken scanned photos, negatives or slides to United States for a total photo restoration, photo edit company’s  expert can edit your image standard with smoothly.

Our promises:

1. Time to time delivery.

2. Standard work sends.

3. Follow your (client) instruction with properly translation.

4. We give chance service review more time.

5. Email feet-back quickly.

Photo restoration is a awfully profitable add-on service for your studio. Genealogy research is a huge hobby right now.

As folks analysis their roots there'll definitely be recent broken photos discovered in want of repair so multiple copies is created and shared.

Why not make the most this market and become the icon restoration professional in your space and add even additional profit to your business.

All you need is a standard scanner to scan your client’s old damaged photos or copy them using your regular camera and a copy stand if they are too large for the scanner bed.

Most photo restoration services may fit by quote or by the hour, however we've got created an easy “one price” NO fix charge for restoration, which will be depend on image editing for time spend of that photo’s.

Send us no matter how difficult it may be. With our average turn around time of 24 hours and our satisfaction guarantee you can’t go wrong. We believe that you are our best client -So, we can’t make any fake design because it is our main job.

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